32. Oh wondrous hour

Oh, wondrous hour when Saviour Thou,
Coequal with th’eternal God,
Beneath our sins didst deign to bow
And shed for us Thy precious blood !
On Thee, the Father's blessed Son,
As Lamb of God our judgment fell ;
That all was borne, that all is done,
Thine agony, Thy cross can tell.
Thy cross, Thy cross ! 'tis there we see
What Thou, our blessed Saviour, art ;
There all the love that dwells in Thee
Was lab’ring in Thy breaking heart.
For us it was: our life we owe,
Our joy, our glory, all to Thee ;
Thy suff’rings in that hour of woe,
Thy vict’ry, Lord, have made us free.

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