302. O blessed Lord what hast Thou done

O Blessed Lord, what hast Thou done,
How vast a ransom giv’n ?
Thyself of God th’eternal Son,
The Lord of earth and heav’n.
Thy Father, in His gracious love,
Did spare Thee from His side :
And Thou didst stoop to bear above,
At such a cost, Thy bride.
Lord, while our souls in faith repose
Upon Thy precious blood,
Peace like an even river flows,
And mercy like a flood.
But boundless joy shall fill our hearts,
When, gazing on Thy face,
We fully see what faith imparts,
And glory crowns Thy grace.
Unseen, we love Thee; dear Thy name !
But when our eyes behold,
With joyful wonder we'll exclaim,
« The half had not been told. »
For Thou exceedest all the fame
Our ears have ever heard ;
How happy we who know Thy name,
And trust Thy faithful word !

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