495. Our God and our Father

Our God and our Father, we come to Thee now
In th’ name of our Saviour, most humbly to bow,
For Thy servants who've gone forth, to serve far away,
And pray for their safety and blessing today.
With deep supplication, in the Spirit we ask
For Thy guid’nce and blessing, on their every task,
That with boldness of utterance, Thy Word may resound
And the gospel go forth, with a glad joyful sound.
Help them to be fruitful in service and life,
And keep them abiding and free from all strife,
That they may be blameless and harmless each day
And hold forth the Word of life, brightly alway.
Let them fight a good fight, and run a straight course,
Keep true to the Faith and proclaim it with force,
Let the Word of Christ richly in them always dwell,
And give them Thy peace, as the umpire as well.
As we strive thus together, in prayer now for them,
We ask Thee to keep them from ungodly men.
Let their service be always accepted by saints,
And Thy Word have free course, without let or restraints. Amen.

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